Art of the Month | April 2020

Art of the Month April 2020 | Varanda

We are facing one of the biggest challenges of our lives. You, me, the whole world. Concerns, fears, insecurities, struggles of all types, I know, I’ve been feeling it too. That is why I had no doubt when choosing the art to be featured as the Art of the Month here at Varanda: Wishes in the city are on SALE until the end of April!

Wishes in the city | VARANDA
I created it back in December 2019, inspired by the new year that was just around the corner. Well, I could not imagine how much we would need all those wishes to come true in 2020. The art was hand-drawn with a pen-ink, digitized, and transformed into a colorful pattern. It displays people at their homes, looking from their windows and wishing a bunch of good stuff: love, hope, health, peace, and happiness. Sounds familiar?

Mug wishes in the city | VARANDA

There are plenty of product options displaying this art in our website, you’ll find them in our SALE section. Take a look and grab the one you like the most. Think of it as your mindset reminder, to help you keep the positive vibe alive.

For those living in Brazil, as usual, these arts will have their prices reduced in my Colab55 studio as well. You can combine the low prices with free shipping offers or any other sitewide promotion taking place during this month.

Poster 24x36 wishes in the city

I wish, from the bottom of my heart, that we all see those wishes becoming reality soon enough. In the meanwhile, I really would appreciate your support. If you don’t feel like buying this time but know someone that may like the art, please, share it! Maybe you can make a friend happy and an artist stronger, at the same time. 😊

Flip flop wishes in the city

And I’m always open for collaborations! If you would like to have this art in any other kind of product, I’m more than glad to find a way to do that! Please, don’t hesitate to contact me. Plus, I can make special prices for wholesale or orders in bulk.

Now, take some good wishes and go spread them around! 

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