Art of the Month | February 2020



Since February brings both Valentine’s Day and Carnival, I want to inspire you to spread love and respect in this world!! Some of you already know what am I talking about right? It’s the HUMAN ART on sale!!  


This digital art displays some of the words used to indicate sexual orientation and gender identity. Sure, there is much more out there, and we should be talking about all of them in order to recognize and celebrate diversity among us. When you decide to wear this art, to hang on the wall, to bring to the office and drink coffee on it, you are showing them off for people that may not be familiar with the terms, even though they may be LGBTQ’s allies. And I hope this art to be exactly that, a way to stimulate dialogue and raise some curiosity and awareness among the humans that are a little bit behind. If you would like to go further and enlight some definitions, you can start here and here


There is plenty of objects and ways to “use” it. I even created some be-human-and-have-fun versions of it, like the one on this mug below, so you can grab a marker and embrace the mission of spreading love and respect. Want to see all the products displaying this art? Look here, they are all on sale!


If you would like to have this art in another kind of product, though, I’m more than glad to find a way to do that! Please, don’t hesitate to contact me for that. Plus, I can make special prices for wholesale or orders in bulk. Be human and send me a message! Now, go show the world that diversity is beautiful! 😊

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