We are changing


I’ve been reevaluating so many things these last few months. To start with, all these uncertainties we’re facing just deepened my desire to create beautiful things. It reinforced a feeling I’ve been having since my mom’s passing a couple of years ago – our life is too short and precious. We should be able to enjoy our days doing things we love, sharing them with people we care about, finding joy and appreciation in each moment.

Add to that an amazing surface pattern design course I’ve been attending these past two months (that’s why Varanda is a bit slow these days). Bonnie Christine and all the valuable lessons of the Immersion Course opened my mind to so many things I don’t even know where to start.  I’m still processing all that and taking some time to rethink Varanda and my path in this new creative life. So, for the time being, I just would like you to know that

 we are changing!

I’m super happy and excited for what’s coming, I’m sure you will be too, I can’t wait to be able to share some amazing news with you in the next months. But don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, on the contrary, I’m more attached to this than ever before.

So, would you like to have a front seat on this changing process? To be among the first to know where this train heads to? YES? Great! You just need to stay around! Be sure to sign up for the newsletter, follow me on social media and send me a hi while you’re at it! I’d love to connect.

Meanwhile, business goes on as usual on Varanda: all orders are being fulfilled. But have in mind that some delays may occur while the world adjusts to the “pandemic way of life”. Depending on your location, it can take a while, but we’ll find you!

Also, the Art of the Month series will take a break for now. I’ll keep April’s designs on sale, because, well, they were a success! And we all need some good wishes - this never goes out of fashion. I continue to offer the discounts stated here, plus, newsletter sign up gives you 10% off. So, you see, everything is up and running. Except that now you know there are exciting things coming!

Hope to have you by my side on this journey :)

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