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    VARANDA, who are you?
    Hi, my name is Aline and I am the artist behind VARANDA. You are looking at my long-dreamed project – art and design are passions that I carry since I was very young. For a number of reasons, I ended up in a more technical side of it, resulting in long years of study and practice of architecture and urban planning. Even though sometimes I have the impression that I was swallowed by the “technical-thinking monster”, it was actually the demanding routine and extensive work hours that pulled me away from art. Fortunately, for some years now, I have been trying to change that.

    Here at VARANDA you will see an artist under development. Even though most of the artwork consists of clean vector illustrations, my minimalist-architect self can’t resist the beauty of inky watercolor paintings. The works are created based on a concept, they usually have a meaning, an underlying message that reflects my view, my experiences and some thoughts popping up in my head.

    Who knows what this journey will bring? It’s so exciting!  Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, stay in touch!

    What VARANDA means?
    Inside there was a room, silent, filled with memories, family objects and outdated furniture. Outside there were trees, a gentle breeze, city noises, lights turning on and off in neighboring windows.

    VARANDA is neither outside nor inside, it's the space in-between. That place you go when the sun is setting to drink some wine, think about stuff. Or maybe just enjoy a good book. A place to relax and seek inspiration. The result of that is what you see here: designs inspired by things I love and care about.

    The word "VARANDA", spelled with “a” instead of “e", is from Portuguese, my native language, but the meaning is about the same: a roofed, open-air gallery or porch, attached to the outside of a building.

    How does it work?  
    The designs are created by me, whenever the inspiration comes. At home or on the road, I just embrace the calling and jump in. Afterwards, the designs are carefully assessed to decide the products on which that design would suit better. Color and composition adjustments are made to match perfectly the selected products - I only upload the products when they look so good that I want to buy them for myself :)

    Once you purchase a product on our website, the print-on-demand company comes in. Extensive research and lots of tests were made to choose which company to work with. I wanted VARANDA designs to have a happy and long-lasting life and my clients to have the best experience with them. That’s why VARANDA products have the support, technology and quality provided by one of the biggest print-on-demand companies out there – Printful. Besides the amazing assistance they provide to guarantee that the products and the designs match perfectly, they are also one of the only companies that have fulfillment services in Europe, US and Mexico. This means that the products you buy will arrive faster, with all the care and attention you deserve. Besides, they have a growing portfolio of eco, bio and organic products, and their printing machines use certified eco-friendly water-based ink – that can only make us happier, right?

    Stay in touch!
    We are working hard so you can have the best from the arts and products, we will always be transparent about our methods and processes. Please, check our FAQ and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or want to share your perceptions or ideas. Stay tuned, we will have lots of fun together!