Shipping and returns


The products you order are fulfilled by Printful and printed in the US, Europe and Mexico, according to your location. Printful takes about 2-7 business days to fullfill our products. Nevertheless, orders placed before 12am, at time zones GMT+3 for EU buyers and GMT-4 for North America buyers, tend to be fulfilled in the same day. More than half of the orders are created and shipped within 3 business days or less. You will receive updates and can keep track of the process.

Shipping policy
Estimated shipping delivery times *after fulfillment: 
USA: 3-5 business days*
Canada: 5-10 business days*
EU: 5-10 business days*
World: 10-20 business days*
Your order will be sent out on average within 3-5 days of ordering.

If you are ordering from outside the US, be aware that you may also have to pay customs fees. Some countries wave customs fees on orders valued at less than a certain price.

Return policy
We accept returns on any and all defective items within 30 days of purchase. All items are made to order just for you!

That’s why returns on used/worn items or for ordering the wrong size are currently not accepted. Always check the sizing in the product’s page. Though rare, it's possible that the garment was mislabeled. Let us know if this was the case. Reach out to us at before returning your product, and please send us pictures of the damaged item and the packing slip.

Even though we do not accept this kind of return, your feedback is important for us to improve and avoid similar issues in the future. If, for some reason, the product was not what you expected of it, send us an email within 5 business days after receiving it, telling more about your experience and pictures of the product and the packing slip. I am sure we will work something out. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us.